MPCA Maps/Boundaries


The First Map of Manor Park, dated 1906 stated: “I, hereby subdivide parts of tracts of land called Chillum Castle Manor, Roberts Choice and Bealls Fancy, into lots, squares, public alleys, public streets, and avenues, as shown hereon, to be here after known as ‘Manor Park’.”

– Henry B.F. Macfarland, Henry L. West, John Biddle, May, 18, 1906
Office of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia Washington



Manor Park is generally identified by its historical boundaries: Whittier Street on the north, North Capitol Street on the east, Concord Avenue (Missouri Avenue) on the south and Georgia Avenue on the west.  Historically, these boundaries overlaid the boundaries of three other organizations, Brightwood, Chillum and Takoma.

-Carroll Green, MPCA President – Emeritus
MPCA Bylaws, September 27, 2000


The MPCA Boundaries are: Aspen Street on the north, North Capitol /Blair on the east, Missouri Avenue on the south, and Georgia Avenue on the west.

-Natalee S. Snider, former MPCA President and current MPCA Historian

Manor Park Historical Boundaries