Video / Photography Policy

Manor Park Citizens Association
Video / Photography Policy
October 21, 2018

The Executive Board of the Manor Park Citizens Association (MPCA or Association) seeks to create an environment that is open and accessible to every member of the community. See Statement of Values (Feb. 3, 2018). The MPCA Executive Board understands that livestreaming and recording Association meetings improves participation in and accessibility of these meetings.

The MPCA Executive Board believes that livestreaming meetings and photographing meetings and events enhances the Association’s communications by demonstrating broad participation and strong community support.

The MPCA Executive Board seeks to respect the privacy interests of all Association meeting and event participants.

To balance these sometimes-competing interests, the MPCA Executive Board has adopted the following practices regarding livestreaming of Association meetings:

  • Membership meetings will generally be livestreamed via an online platform (such as Facebook);
  • The President will announce the livestreaming of meetings at the beginning of each meeting;
  • The Executive Board will post a sign at each meeting announcing the livestreaming of the meeting;
  • The recording device will film only the Executive Board members and any guest presenters, and not members of the audience (although the voices of members of the audience may be audible on the recording);
  • Any individual may request that a meeting not be livestreamed, which will be considered and decided on by the Executive Board.

The MPCA Executive Board has adopted the following practices regarding photography during Association meetings and events:

  • Members of the Executive Board may photograph meetings and events for use in the Association’s communications;
  • Any individual may request that the Executive Board refrain from photographing them;
  • The Executive Board will endeavor to seek permission from individuals photographed, including through a photo release request included in the Association’s membership form.

The Executive Board requests that any invited guests or individuals attending an Association meeting or event request permission from the Executive Board before recording or photographing any meeting or event.